Joshua Nugent

Joshua Nugent is a senior at Duke University majoring in Mechanical Engineering, minoring in Computer Science, and also pursuing a certificate in Aerospace Engineering. 
Joshua's work as a Pratt Fellow with Dr. Bliss focuses on improving wind farm efficiency through the reduction of effects from wakes. We are currently exploring the possibility of tilting or overlapping upstream turbine blades to raise the wakes enough to improve the efficiency of downstream turbines. His research specifically has been focused on designing a novel mechanical device that can be used to measure shaft power of a turbine in the wind tunnel. The device, which utilizes a laser tachometer to measure angular displacement of a torque-spring, will provide a greater understanding of the effects of different blade configurations by allowing the measurement of shaft power of the downstream turbines.   
Aside from his research with Dr.Bliss, he has also been a part of the Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition, worked in home construction, and volunteered with a non-profit organization, Students with Ambition Go to College, that provides mentorship to underserved high school students. After graduation, he hope to enter the aerospace and/or energy field, and perhaps pursue graduate school sometime later on. Outside of work and school he enjoys spending time with family in Houston, playing video games, enjoying a game of basketball with friends, and playing pool.