Emilia Chojkiewicz

Emilia Chojkiewicz is a senior at Duke majoring in Mechanical Engineering and minoring in Energy Engineering.

Through the Pratt Research Fellows Program, Emilia is working with Dr. Bliss on novel wind turbine design from January 2018 until graduation in May 2019. The project aims to increase wind farm efficiency by alleviating the wake shielding effect; specifically, through tilting a front-row HAWT upwards, the wake rises, thereby smoothing and improving air flow to downstream turbines. Emilia’s work has focused on developing a comprehensive theory and model of wind turbine aerodynamics which will be applied to design, 3D print, and perform wind tunnel testing of a blade with constant circulation.

Besides her work with Dr. Bliss, Emilia has also amassed undergraduate research and project experience through Bass Connections, the Grand Challenge Scholars Program, Duke Engineers for International Development, the Duke SmartHome, and at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. After graduation, Emilia plans to pursue graduate school in the area of renewable energy. Outside of the lab, Emilia enjoys spending time in nature through hiking or camping, as well as traveling and experiencing different languages, cuisines, and cultures.

Contact Information

  • Email Address: emilia.chojkiewicz@duke.edu