Analytical-numerical matching for fluid-loaded structures with discontinuities

TitleAnalytical-numerical matching for fluid-loaded structures with discontinuities
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsCD Park, LP Franzoni, and DB Bliss
JournalThe Journal of the Acoustical Society of America
Start Page2956
Pagination2956 - 2968
Date Published11/2004

The method of analytical-numerical matching (ANM) is applied to several example problems involving the radiation and vibration of a fluid-loaded cylindrical shell with structural discontinuities. These problems are used to verify the accuracy of the method compared to a purely numerical approach, and to demonstrate the usefulness of ANM for solving problems involving nonaxisymmetric forcing and constraints on structures that are otherwise axisymmetric. The principal advantage of the ANM method for this application is its ability to employ a spectral method (modal decomposition in azimuth) in the solution of a problem that is nonaxisymmetric. ANM divides the original problem into local and global subproblems that are solved separately. The discontinuity is handled using a high-resolution local finite-element model. Smooth forces are derived from solving an analytical matching problem on the local domain, and these smooth forces are then applied to a low-resolution numerical global problem. The superposition of solutions to the subproblems is equivalent to the solution of the original problem. For fluid loading, the local high-resolution model is solved in vacuo, and the effects of fluid loading are included completely by the low-resolution global problem. © 2004 Acoustical Society of America.

Short TitleThe Journal of the Acoustical Society of America